What is CIGRE China

Chinese National Committee was founded in 1986, is a non-profit academic organization of Chinese Members or representatives participating in the International Council on Large Electric Systems (abbreviated as CIGRE) whose headquarter is located in France, Paris.
CIGRE China is member of CIGRE Administrative Council and member of CIGRE Steering Committee with Ms. Li Ruomei, the secretary general of CSEE as the representative.


This table shows the development of membership in period 1986-2011


The Creation of Chinese National Committee
The Chinese National Committee (CNC) of CIGRE was established in July, 1980 upon the approval of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China, with acceptance of the CIGRE Administrative Council after a referendum. Mao Henian, then the Vice Minister of the Ministry of Power Industry was elected as the first President of CNC, and also the third Council Chairman of the Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering (CSEE) in December.

The Main Evolution of the CNC and the Present Organization
i. The Main Evolution of the CNC and the Chief Executives
Since the establishment of the Chinese National Committee, especially after the year 2005, the CNC of CIGRE has made remarkable achievements in both organization development and academic activities. Upon the foundation of CNC, there were only collective members, but no individual member. The 8 collective members included only one social organization—the Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering (CSEE), two power plants—the Northeast Electric Power Administration and the North China Electric Power Administration, two research institutes—the Research Institute of the Ministry of Power Industry, and Harbin Institute of Large Electrical Machinery, one equipment manufacturer—the Xi’an Electric Manufacturing Complex, and two universities—Tsinghua University and Xi’an Jiaotong University. Until 2005, CNC claims 15 collective members and 3 individual members, and 72 equivalent members. These numbers rose to 49, 97 and 309 respectively until 2008, and further to 51, 143 and 363 until March 2009.
Since its establishment the Presidency of CNC has always been held by the CSEE Council Chairman (see Table 1.). The incumbent CNC President, Lu Yanchang also serves as the Vice President of China Science and Technology Association, who was once the Vice Minister of the Ministry of Power Industry and Deputy General Manager of the State Grid Corporation of China. The sitting Vice President of CNC, Li Ruomei, was elected as a member of the Steering Committee of CIGRE in 2006. This was also the first time for a Chinese Director to be seated in the Steering Committee. In 2008, Li Ruomei was reappointed to the Steering Committee.

Table 1. The Chief Executives of CNC
YearPresidentCIGRE DirectorSecretary
1980~1984Mao HenianXu ShigaoYu Minji
1985~1988Mao HenianXu ShihengGuo Hao
1989~1993Zhang FengxiangDu XingyouGuo Hao
1994~1999Zhang FengxiangGuo HaoZeng Pangyu
2000~2004Lu YanchangGuo HaoChen Jing
2005~2008Lu YanchangLi Ruomei

Li Ruohai(2005-07)
Zhao Jianjun(2007-08)

2009 until nowLu YanchangLi RuomeiZhao Jianjun (Secretary-general)

The Present CNC Organizational Structure
President: Lu Yanchang, the Council Chairman of the Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering;
Vice Presidents: Wu Yusheng, the Chief Information Officer of the State Grid Corporation of China,
Zhao Jie, Director of Technology Research Center of the China Southern Power Grid
Li Ruomei, the Secretary-general of the Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering;
Secretary-general of CNC: Zhao Jianjun.
The main body of CNC consists of the Steering Committee, Technical Committee and Secretariat. The Steering Committee is the supreme decision-making body, making and checking the working plans of the CNC, and at the same time supervising the operation of the Technical Committee and the Secretariat. The Steering Committee comprises of its Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary-general, the Chairman of the Technical Committee and all the collective member representatives.
The Technical Committee plans and organizes the academic and technical activities of the CNC of CIGRE. The sitting President of the Technical Committee is Xue Yusheng academician, the Chief Engineer of the State Grid Electric Power Research Institute. The Chinese staff working at the CIGRE study committees is naturally taken as members of the Technical Committee of CNC. The Technical Committee divides its staff into different sections in accordance with the fields of study as stipulated by CIGRE and these sections are headed by CIGRE study committee members. (See Table 3.)
The Secretariat is the standing body of the Chinese National Committee of CIGRE. Headed by the Secretary-general, it takes charge of contacting the CIGRE headquarter and dealing with the daily operation of the Chinese National Committee of CIGRE.

CNC Contributions to CIGRE
 i. Organize the CNC Members to Participate in the CIGRE General Assemblies
In 1980 CNC organized its first delegation, with 13 members headed by the CNC President Mao Henian, to attend the 28th CIGRE General Assembly lasting from August 27th until September 4th in Paris. During the general assembly, 10 Chinese representatives of the delegation spoke at 9 of the seminars, introducing the technical development of China’s power industry and electrical manufacturing. Also at the Assembly, Xu Shigao, then the Deputy Dean of the Electrical Power Research Institute, Chief Engineer of the Study Committee was elected as CIGRE Director.
Since then on, CNC has been organizing its members to attend the CIGRE general assemblies held every second year. More and more members have been getting involved and the quality of theses dedicated has been improving. In 1990,the President of CNC Zhang Fengxiang headed the 15 members of Chinese Delegation to attend the 33rd CIGRE General Assembly. President Zhang Fengxiang gave a project report about China’s Power System on the seminar. In 2000, President Lu Yanchang led the 28 members Delegation to attend the 38th CIGRE General Assembly. The theme of this Assembly was Electrical Power System at the Turn of the Century. The Chinese delegation published many theses on this theme, covering many fields, such as HVDC transmission, FACTS, communication and remote control and system planning etc. In 2006 43 CNC members participated in the 41st CIGRE General Assembly, the largest delegation in CNC history. The Deputy General Manager of the State Grid Corporation of China, Shu Yinbiao gave a report on the Development of China’s UHVDC Grids, which drew enthusiastic response. And 40 CNC members participated in the 42nd CIGRE General Assembly in 2008. The Deputy General Manager of the State Grid Corporation of China, Zheng Baosen gave a report named Building a Disaster-proof Reliable State Grid, which analyzed the technical challenges posed by the snow storms and earthquakes towards China’s grids in 2008 and presented the counter-measures adopted. This report drew great attention from the participants.