2. CIGRE B1 Workshop on Power Cables
  3. Chinese National Committee held the first working session in February 2006, voting for a new secretary. After the session council was reelected. In November 30th, 2005 the second working session was held. During the session, members clarified the structure of Chinese National Committee, voted for the president, vice-president, secretary-general, and commissioners, at the same time, discussed the statutes of Chinese National Committee.
  4. On February 9th, 2007, cigre Chinese National Committee plenary session was held in Beijing. 52 delegates including individual and collective member, from power utilities, research institutes, social groups, and universities took part in this session.The main items discussed at the session were:
    1. summarized Chinese National Committee contributions in 2006
    2. gave a report on meeting held in August 2006, Paris
    3. announce 2007 work plan
    4. discussed on Chinese National Committee statues
    5. discussed paper contributions regarding 2008 cigre session
  5. Chinese National Committee organized authors, SC members and members of Chinese NC to participate in session 2008. Among the total 40 participants, there are 5 authors, 10 SC members and 2 renewal SC members.
  6. Chinese National Committee hosted AORC panel B1 Meeting in Nov. 2006 at Beijing.
  7. Chinese National Committee hosted the CIGRE Administrative Council Meeting 2007 in Sep 2007 in Nanjing, China. On China Day, altogether 6 Special reports were made by Chinese NC chairman LU Yanchang, RTE president Andre Merlin and another 4 experts respectively. Delegates were also organized to Nanjing Automation Research Institute, Nari-relays, Guodian Nanjing Automation Co. Ltd. for the technical visit.
  8. As one of the host, CNC held International Symposium on international Standards for Ultra High Voltage at Beijing in July 2007, this Symposium is organized by IEC and CIGRE.
  9. After the earthquake in Sichuan China, CNC organized Workshop of Natural Disaster Impacts & Mitigation on Power Installations in May 29, in Beijing. Experts from Canada, USA and Japan were invited to give 7 reports at the workshop. 14 experts from China had presentations about Natural Disaster.
  10. CNC will hold International Symposium on Electricity markets and their impact on the Operation and Development of Power Systems at Guilin City, Guangxi Province, China in 2009, symposium of SC B1 in 2011.