Study Committees

Study Committees

Chinese National Committee recommends actively its member to participate in SCs, which have total 16 SCs.




Chinese Representative




Rotating Electrical Machines

  • Life management
  • Machine monitoring and diagnosis
  • Renewable generation
  • Large generators
  • High efficient electrical machines 


Sun Yutian

Harbin Institute of Large Electrical Machinery

Regular  Member



  • Design and manufacture
  • Application of material
  • Utilization, e.g. maintenance and operation, condition monitoring, life management, repair and refurbishment, disposal
  • Safety and environmental aspects, e.g. noise, oil spill, fire hazard and explosion
  • Economic/commercial aspects
  • Quality assurance and testing 


Li Guangfan

Electric Power Research Institute of SGCC

Regular  Member


High Voltage Equipment

  • Design and development
  • New and improved test techniques
  • Maintenance, refurbishment and lifetime management
  • Reliability assessment and condition monitoring
  • Requirements presented by changing networks

Fan Jianbin

State Grid Corporation of China

Regular  Member


Insulated Cables

  • Power cables in all phases of life
  • Submarine, underground, ducts, tunnels
  • HVDC and HVAC Cable Systems 

Cao Xiaolong

Xi’an Jiaotong University

Regular  Member


Overhead Lines

  • Increase Acceptability of OHL
  • Increase Capacities of existing OHL
  • Increase Reliability and Availability of

Liang Xidong

Tsinghua University

Regular  Member



  • New substation concepts
  • Substation management issues
  • Life cycle management and maintenance
  • Impact of new communication standards and smart grids on existing and new substations

Guo Jiayang

North China Electric Power Research Institute

Regular  Member


HVDC and Power Electronics

  • Responsible for HVDC systems and Power Electronics for AC systems
  • Its members are International Experts from Manufacturers, Operators, User Engineers,
  • Consultants and Academics.
  • Provides unbiased and balanced documents concerning economical, technical and environmental matters associated with its area of responsibility.
  • The target audience includes engineers in the Electrical Supply Industry, Standardisation bodies, investors and regulators

Hong Chao

China Southern Power Grid Co., Ltd.

Regular  Member


Protection and Automation

  • Improved concepts of Substation Automation Systems
  • Technical recommendations for IEC 61850
  • Application of numerical protections and substation automation systems
  • Methods to improve the performance of protection systems
  • Protection implications of new generation technologies.

Cao Dongming

NARI Group

Regular  Member


System Development and Economics

  • Planning for rapid development, uncertain generation and desired reliability (newly and rapidly developing countries, system performance, contingency planning, mass penetration of renewables, a greenfield approach)
  • Investment drivers, decision processes and tools (investment drivers, planning criteria, grid codes and the role of new technology, new investment decision processes, new tools and methods for increasing uncertainty)
  • Asset management practices including risk assessment now and in the future (risk management, broad trends and practices, new solutions for changing power system designs)

Shao Lan

China Power Engineering Consulting Group corporation

Regular  Member


System Operation and Control

  • Control and switching for reliability: voltage,frequency and capacity limits
  • Reserves and emergency strategies
  • Management of fault and restoration situations
  • Short term planning and coordination of system capacity needs
  • Requirements and use of power system analysis and security assessment functionalities
  • Requirements, methods, tools for training of operators
  • Impact on system operation from institutional structures: regulators,trading and contracted ancillary services.

Xin Yaozhong

National Electric Power Dispatching and Communication Center

Regular  Member


System Environmental Performance

  • Environmental impacts of Power System development and operation;
  • Global environmental changes and Power System;
  • Public acceptance of Power System infrastructures;
  • Stakeholders engagement and communication;
  • Power System efficiency and environment.

Zhang Guangzhou

State Grid Electrical Power Research Institute

Regular  Member


System Technical Performance

  • Power Quality
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility/Electromagnetic Interference (EMC/EMI)
  • Insulation co-ordination
  • Lightning
  • Advanced Tools for the analysis of power system performance
  • Power systems dynamic/transient performance models and analysis.

He Jinliang

Tsinghua University

Regular  Member


Electricity Markets and Regulation

  • Consequences of regulatory changes for the electric power sector
  • Regulatory incentives for investment
  • System implications of new generation technologies
  • Markets design’s impact on transmission system operation
  • Market design for integration of intermittent generation

Shi Lianjun

State Grid Corporation of China

Regular  Member


Distribution Systems and Dispersed Generation

  • Dispersed Energy Resources connection and integration
  • Dispersed Energy Resources concepts in distribution systems operation and planning(Microgrids and Active Distribution Networks)
  • Demand management and Active Customer Integration
  • Rural electrification.

Fan Mingtian

China Electric Power Research Institute

Regular  Member


Materials and emerging Test Techniques

  • Electrical insulating materials
  • Electrical conducting materials
  • High voltage and current test and measuring techniques
  • Diagnostic tools

Li Chengrong

North China Electric Power University

Regular  Member


Information Systems and Telecommunications

  • ICT applied to the networks of the future.
  • Telecommunication networks in Electric Power utilities (architectures, media, protocols...)
  • New ICT architectures to control the bulk power systems (smart meter, smart grid, intelligent grid, control centres EMS, MMS etc...).
  • ICT governance within utilities – in-house versus outsourced.
  • Information security within the Electric Power Utilities

Pan Lei

State Grid Information & Telecommunication Company Ltd. (SGIT)

Regular  Member

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